Developed by Dr Vincent Goetry, Course Director, and Dyslexia International


Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and International Relations of the French-speaking Community, Belgium

Ministry of Obligatory Education and Social Promotion of the French-speaking Community, Belgium

King Baudouin Foundation, Belgium

National Lottery, Belgium

Participation Program of UNESCO

We warmly thank professors Michael Habib, France, and José Morais, Belgium, for a preliminary reading of this course and their response with valuable comments and suggestions.

Sincere thanks are due to Madame Marie-Dominique Simonet, Minister for Higher Education, Scientific Research and International Relations, Belgium, Monsieur Christian Dupont, Minister for Compulsory Education, Belgium, as well as the King Baudouin Foundation and National Lottery, Belgium, for their financial support.

From the Defré High School, Brussels, we thank Monsieur Luc Barbay, Director, and Chairman of the council for further education, and Madame Sylvie Frère, teacher, for their support and advice, and for inviting us to pilot the course in their school. 

We thank Marianne Hallet and Nathalie Vergeynst from the Belgian (Francophone) association of parents of children with learning difficulties (APEDA), Anny Cooreman (the Eureka School, and adviser to the Flemish Minister of Education), Sheri Comisac (Consultant for special education needs at the International School of Brussels), for taking part in preparatory sessions of the project and providing their comments and suggestions.

Many thanks to members of Dyslexia International’s Consultancy e-Team for their aid and support throughout the project, in particular Dr. Maria-Luisa Lorusso, psychologist and head of the department for cognitive neuropsychology and learning difficulties in the scientific institute and hospital for mental health, Eugenio Medea, Italy, for her contribution to the part concerning formal diagnosis in Section 2, and Judith Stansfield, consultant in information and communications technologies for special education needs, UK, for her contribution to Section 3.

We thank Dr Harry Chasty and Christine Chasty, UK, and Alan Sayles, Ireland, for their interest and their contributions.

Last, but not least, thanks to the parents, experts and children featuring in the video clips. Some children also contributed illustrations for reading and writing cards.

The team

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