1.8: Test yourself


Fill in these sentences or phrases with at least one word in each space.


According to you, what is the most important non-academic consequence of dyslexia?

The answer is quite open, but we suggest the following:

The most devastating and widely found consequence is loss of self-esteem.

The child will not succeed in most schools where reading, spelling and writing are not taught in appropriate ways for him or her, and where dyslexia is not taken into account.

Children with dyslexia can be bullied as their true abilities will be masked by their problems with the written language.

The frustrated child with dyslexia often has no other option than being aggressive or ‘acting the clown’. The teachers and parents are bewildered and confused if dyslexia is not identified and properly addressed.

Drop-out is common. The child and young adult can give up on education altogether and even develop antisocial and marginal behaviors.


Now please complete the multiple-choice questions and find out how well you have done.

Please mark the best answer in each case.